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Before launching your product for your end users, you should check that your product complies with all the mandatory approvals set by govt. of targeted country market.

Below are the services we are offering in certification domain:

  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) (Hallmark, R-number, ISI mark, Agmark)

  • Wireless Product Certification (ETA, Import license, DPL, Experiment license)

  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Star Labeling)

  • Central Pollution Control Board (EPR Authorization)

  • TEC MTCTE approval

  • Legal Metrology certification

  • FSSAI approval

  • Hazloc approval from PESO

  • Certification from MNRE. 

  • Trademark Certificate 

  • ISO Certificate 

  • GeM Portal Registration 

  • For other countries please visit page Global market access.

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